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Class:Authentic Regional Mexican Cuisine with Chef Cristobal Tamariz
Price: 110.00 USD per person, plus IVA (tax)
Dates: 03-May-2016
An adventure in preparing and tasting authentic and modern Mexican dishes geared for curious travellers
In this class, you will learn to make all foods
Class:Cinco de Mayo Cuisine with Chef Cristobal Tamariz
Price: 110.00 USD per person, plus IVA (tax)
Dates: 05-May-2016
Celebrate Mexico's Cinco de Mayo holiday in authentic style!
Everyone's favorite cooking class, this time with a focus on the Cinco de Mayo holiday. Learn a little bit about why this holiday is important in Mexican history, and learn to cook some of the delicious dishes from Puebla that go along with it!
Class:Sailing the Mexican Coastlines with Chef J. Salvador Fernandez
Price: 110.00 USD per person, plus IVA (tax)
Dates: 24-May-2016 26-May-2016
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
Here, fishy fishy! Mexico is known worldwide for its tropical paradises. Bordering on the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Mexicans learned long ago how to make delicious dishes from what they could pull from the sea. You'll learn 3-4 different kinds of fresh salsas and how to use them. Then, step into the kitchen and learn to make fish and prawn corn tostadas, lime soup, fish tacos and mango pudding for dessert, all focused around recipes from Mexican's coastal regions. Even if you think you don't like fish, this class will make you a believer.
Class:Mexican Triology: Beans, corn and chiles
Price: 110.00 USD per person, plus IVA (tax)
Dates: 31-May-2016
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
Come and enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine by using staple ingredients to make delicious dishes. You will start the class by learning to make 3-4 Mexican salsas. Then step in to the kitchen to make an appetizer of sopes or corn tortillas topped with black beans and salsa, creamy cilantro soup, beef strips with creamy slices of poblano chile peppers, grilled vegetables and Mexican rice pudding for dessert. You won't want to miss this!
Class:Como en Casa with Chef J. Salvador Fernandez
Price: 110.00 USD per person, plus IVA (tax)
Dates: 19-May-2016 20-May-2016
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
This menu is not a menu of things you will find at fancy Mexican restaurants, or even in local street carts. These are home-cooked recipes you would find in a typical Mexican kitchen, dishes that can be multiplied and stretched no matter how many people show up. Start by learning 3-4 different kinds of salsas and how to use them. Then move on to an appetizer of enmoladas (tortillas filled with shredded chicken and topped with mole sauce), tortilla soup, shredded beef patties with a chile adobo sauce and Mexican rice pudding for dessert, all focusing on hearty and delicious dishes that everyone will enjoy!


Our Policies

Classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of 6 students is not enrolled. On that rare occurrence, we do our best to shift you to another day during your stay.

The nature of our classes dictates the use of certain ingredients. However, if you ave any dietary restrictions please advise us in advance so that we can try to tailor something for you still in keeping with the menu of the day.

We welcome families, with children over the age of 15 as full students.

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